healthy community

A healthy community is one where residents are physically and emotionally healthy, and able to energetically contribute to their community’s civic life and economic wellbeing. That’s the vision we have for Alamance County.

We are focused on creating an environment where businesses, government agencies, community organizations, you and your neighbors, work together to create a healthier community. We believe that creating a healthier community is a mission that no single person, organization or agency can do alone. We must all work together.

In 2015, Impact Alamance invested nearly half a million dollars to support that common vision and our community. In 2016 we will be supporting a community effort to help community leaders, businesses and organizations, and citizens like you, come together around a common vision to improve outcomes for our kids. We’ll partner with national leaders StriveTogether, and work to see that all children, regardless of their zip code, have an equal opportunity for success from cradle to career.