To Our Community,

2015 was a year of firsts for Impact Alamance. First strategic plan, first strategic partnerships and first investments in our community. 

We’ve taken the past two years to deepen our knowledge of Alamance County. We wanted to understand where we could make the biggest difference, and what it’s going to take to improve the long-term health of our community. We’ve chosen to focus our investments in areas proven to have the biggest impact on long-term, sustainable change. Investments in children, education and our local nonprofits benefit us all. 

Our county’s biggest needs are interrelated. The areas of our community where children have the least access to healthy foods and active play are the same areas where our children struggle in school. All the research shows us that their success in school will determine their economic and physical health as adults. That’s why we’ve chosen to invest the majority of our resources on our community’s children: building healthier environments, getting kids ready for kindergarten and strengthening education. 

We believe that learning starts at birth and every child deserves an opportunity for a high quality, public education regardless of their zip code. As you’ll see in this report, we’re focused on building the partnerships necessary to make that a reality. 

In 2015, we granted more than $2 million to 46 local agencies. These partnerships were created because our grantees have the same vision we do — for Alamance County to be the best place to live and thrive. Alamance County is known for its collaborative spirit, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to build on that strong foundation. 

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the collective success of our community as we work toward a healthier, stronger future for us all.

Tracey Grayzer, Impact Alamance President
FD Hornaday, Impact Alamance Chair