Women's Resource Center

When the Women’s Resource Center of Alamance County applied for an Impact Alamance capacity building grant in 2015, the organization knew it needed to develop a new strategic plan.

In the three years or so prior to that, it had lost significant funding due to state budget cuts and gone through a leadership change. Susan Watson, who came on board as executive director in January 2014, says the organization had survived a tough period, but knew it needed a clear strategy to move forward.

A nonprofit consulting firm came in, did a deep dive and helped the Center develop a new strategic plan.

“They helped the board set five top priorities,” Watson says. “They helped us develop a performance management tool that lays out our activities plus these top five priorities.”
The Women’s Resource Center honored women leaders at its second annual Leading the Way event. The organization used a capacity building grant from Impact Alamance to develop and implement a new strategic plan to serve more women in Alamance County.

And that’s important for the thousands of women the Center serves each year, from the professional women who network and find community service opportunities through the Center to the women of all backgrounds who need guidance and support as they go through challenging work or personal transitions.

We’re excited for what the future looks like,” Watson says. “We feel that this work that we’ve done has positioned us for growth.”
— Susan Watson, Women's Resource Center Executive Director